The refrigeration systems installed in supermarkets are typically classified as commercial refrigeration. Supermarket refrigerators are usually made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, and have durable shelving and door mechanisms to withstand the constant opening and closing. They also usually have energy-efficient designs to reduce energy consumption and utility costs. One popular type of supermarket refrigerator is the air curtain refrigerator, also known as the open-front refrigerator. This type of refrigerator features a clear glass door that is constantly open, allowing customers to easily access chilled items without having to open the door manually. The air curtain technology ensures that the cold air stays inside the refrigerator, keeping food items fresh for longer. Another common type of supermarket refrigerator is the multideck refrigerator, which comprises several horizontal shelves and vertical glass doors. This type of refrigerator is suitable for storing a large variety of products and allows for easy organization and access. Multideck refrigerators can be found in various sizes, from small units that fit in a corner of a store to large-scale installations that occupy entire walls. Other types of supermarket refrigerators include the upright refrigerator, which is designed for larger items such as bottles and cartons; the display refrigerator, which has a front-facing door and is often used to showcase products, and the chest freezer, which is designed for storing frozen items such as ice cream. In summary, there are various types of supermarket refrigerators, each with unique features and functions. Air curtain refrigerators and multideck refrigerators are among the most popular types, and they help to keep perishable items fresh and safe for consumption.

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    Nenwell operate mass production for commercial refrigerators including display fridge, glass door merchandiser, storage cooler, countertop fridge, upright fridge, back bar cooler, ice cream dipping cabinet, gelato serving counter, cake display case and supermarket refrigeration.

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    With twenty five plus years of experience in manufacturing and exporting business, we have built up a complete quality warranty policy for refrigerator products. Our customers always have confidence and trust in us. We’ve always been insisting on offering refrigeration products with quality assurance and after-sales service.

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