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Whether you need ice to whip up cocktails, want to cool a bunch of bottles of wine, or are looking to add pizzazz to your party, here are the best ice cold round barrel shape can freezers being perfect for gala events, restaurants, cafes, bars, and catering services. Regardless of your facility, this ice tote will ensure that your drinks are kept cold and your ice is kept sanitary and safe. These round can shape freezers have electric refrigeration system inside running in a cost-efficient way. So beverages and beers are to stay cold with ice cubes inside. They are much bigger and are more than what ice buckets can do.

What are the Differences Between Electric Barrel Coolers and Ice Buckets?

Ice buckets are useful for short-term cooling, electric can coolers are better for long-term, convenient, and precise temperature control. Electric can coolers are more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective than ice buckets. While

Cooling Method

Electric can coolers use thermoelectric technology or a compressor to cool cans, whereas ice buckets use ice or cold water to cool drinks. Electric can coolers provide precise temperature control, while ice buckets rely on the melting ice to cool the drinks.

Capacity Difference

Electric can coolers are large barrel shape container with refrigeration system built-in. They can load dozens of beverage bottles, some big size models can load hundreds of drink cans. While, Ice buckets are basket-like small sized.

Duration of Cooling

Electric can coolers can maintain a consistent temperature, which means they can keep the drinks cold for several hours. In contrast, ice buckets can only keep drinks cold until the ice melts. Once the ice melts, the temperature of the water will begin to rise, and the drinks will warm up.


Electric can coolers are very convenient and easy to use. Once you plug them in, they start chilling the drinks automatically. On the other hand, ice buckets require manual labor to fill them with ice and water.


Electric can coolers require minimal maintenance apart from keeping them clean. On the other hand, ice buckets require regular maintenance, such as replenishing the ice and water to keep the drinks cold.


Electric can coolers are generally more expensive than ice buckets. However, electric can coolers are more energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run as they don't require ice, and they consume less electricity than a refrigerator.

Electric round shape can cooler for beer and drinks
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